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    United States
    Hello! I am TheModHead, and though my name implies I'm a modder, I actually only became a moder recently. I am now trying to become an Animal Crossing New Leaf modder, though I only know a little more than the basics of how to create a custom villager.
    I absolutely love computers, science, story telling, games, game development, and character creation!
    I love helping others, though I'm an introvert, and I don't like communicating via internet, as I use body language a lot when talking, and even then I'm terrible.
    I love learning new things! And its fun to learn how games work!

    Also, I might sometimes come across as rude, or as an imbicule, but I swear thats only because of my inability to talk via computer. I genuinely get stressed when talking on a computer. I might also come across as lazy if asking about something, but I swear thats also cause I over think. If I ask for help, I don't know how to word it

    Oh yeah, I also have a discord. I use it as my all in one chatting thing for people to read. I only have 5 members at the time of writting this.

    Oh yeah, I'm also interested in becoming an animal crossing modder, so if you know of any useful tools, I'd really appreciate it. My goal is to do what none have done before, and make a mod not compatible with vanilla new leaf, cause keeping everything vanilla compatible removes a lot of potential. I see the Animal Crossing New Leaf modding community as having a lot of potential, so lets use it! Lets ADD new villagers, instead of modifying the old!
    I will try my hardest to document everything villager related, then I'll move on to adding to it!

    We can mod, so lets push the boundaries of the game! Lets add a whole'nother island to the game! If it seems impossible, lets make it possible! Lets add new villagers, lets add new items! Lets add to the game instead of replacing parts of it!

    Also, does anyone know why when I try to add to my own blog, it says I don't have permission to edit or view it?