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  • AdenTheThird 5

    The Cruel Truth

    Hey guys, I wanted to share with you some very special info: The strategy behind my winning strategy of Super Smash Bros. When you start a match, you get a spark of excitement, of hopefulness, of curiosity. Whether your opponent is going to suck or not, and what you will do. This is the harsh...
  • Taleweaver 0

    Belgium and the UN migration pact

    Migration certainly is a hot political topic. Where the political left sees refugees from wars and natural disasters, the right sees potential criminals and a more restrictive culture. Donald Trump and the Brexit are (at least partially) consequences of people being afraid of the changes within...
  • FIX94 2

    NES Patching - Mega Man 6 PAL Music

    While Mega Man 1 to 5 all got some form of PAL versions, though the first 2 were not all that great, see my blog post about patching those, Mega Man 6 was one of the last nes titles ever released, and so it never even got any PAL port. This did annoy me just enough to now take a look at it and...
  • KleinesSinchen 7

    VirtualBox: Getting files out of a VM with legacy Windows

    Warning: Using unsupported legacy Windows versions online is dangerous and could – in the worst case in conjunction with a VM-escape exploit – lead to infecting your host computer. This is – admittedly – not very likely because current malware in the wild probably does not have compatibility...
  • WintendoZone 5

    Smash Ultimate

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is releasing tomorrow! I'm hyped! [IMG]
  • Bill Ingham 0

    Wii Homebrewing

    Hey everybody just tested some wii homebrew with conf. usb loader and wanted to post my results. Now let me give you the background. My Wii is a true Hollywood. It has no modchips of anykind. It also has a broken usb port so everything goes in the front. System memory is 4.3 and with that...
  • messerchadger 1

    Attempting to Launch ntrboot_flasher_nds.nds causes White Screens

    I am cracking a new 3ds xl. Following the tutorial, I am in step one. It is asking me to run ntrboot_flasher_nds.nds using my flashcart's nds playing capability. Either my R4 Dual Core cannot play .nds games (probable) or something else. Does anyone know what to do about this? When I...
  • BORTZ 30

    I have been here 11 years, today.

    So remember last year how I said I was going to update the OP if this post? Well here it is. The reason I havent done anything till now is because my life kinda went sideways a year ago today. I don't want to get into specifics but things are better now. Much better. Anyways. I was going to sit...
  • SirNapkin1334 6

    What happened to Oli?

    So, I've been on hiatus for a few days a couple weeks. TLDR; I just got sorta bored of the temp. Now, what really happened? Nothing too interesting, I just have been working on coding projects and playing Beardcraft. I just haven't really found any reason to log on. I was still active on...
  • jakkal 27

    TX vs Their Customers on their Forums

    I've gotten banned from tx forums because I stated the obvious that they are sitting on their hands waiting for reswitched to release 6.2 keys, before they can update their cfw. I do admit that I trolled them a bit (hehe) but it was getting old seeing their ignorant customers asking for a...
  • Manuelasparkles 9

    Fans of Hamtaro and Pokemon.

    Hi, everyone! I'm looking for some friends who has remember watching Pokemon and Hamtaro. So, I need all of you to add me on your 3DS systems.
  • CPG 7

    The Alert Ready system test all over Canada.

    FOR ANYONE READING THIS OUTSIDE OF CANADA: ALERT READY IS CANADA'S EMERGENCY ALERT SYSTEM. Anyways, going back on topic. This is my first blog post, so, yeah. So today, the Government of Canada released a test of the alert ready system today. And I had no idea that this was happening, until...
  • TrueMrHacker 13

    It's a sad day gamers

    I was playing pokemans lets establish communism on my switch when all of a sudden I hit the update button upon reopening the game after suspending it. Now I can't use my backups and I'm gonna have to shove a stick of tinfoil in my joycon again. (Jigs are 4 lozers lol) Be careful gamers, don't...
  • Grand-Master 0

    My Crazy and Undeniable True Life Story from my perspective since my young ages...

    I will like you to Read this because I already written before and dont want to repeat the writing, it makes me feel sad and alone but strong because I know i am not the only one,... Here: - - Part 1 - - Part 2...